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The Association


The objects of the Association are:
(1) to foster and maintain a point of contact for military working dog (MWD) units together with federal and state service dog agencies;
(2) to develop, promote and perpetuate the comradeship inspired by service with or in support of Australian Defence;
(3) to create and maintain strong links with current serving members and ex-members and their families


The membership of the association shall consist of any of the following classes of members
(a) Ordinary Members:

  • Serving and ex-Serving members of the Australian Defence Force who have served with Military War Dog Units.
  • Serving and ex-Serving members of the Australian Defence Force who have provided direct support for Military War Dog Units and are deemed eligible by the Management Committee of the ADFTWDA.
  • The Next of Kin of any deceased member who was entitled to ordinary membership.
  • Any person who by their actions in support of the ADFTWDA are recognised by the management committee and are deemed eligible.

Note: Because of the dual role of some Tracker Platoons during the war in South Vietnam, the association extends to those who served as anti tank, fire assault or recon to join us as Ordinary Members.

(b) Associate Members include:

  • Serving and ex-Serving members of Federal or State Law enforcement agencies working with dogs.
  • Serving and ex-Serving members of Allied Armed Forces working with dogs.
  • Wives, partners and immediate family members of those who qualify for Ordinary Membership.
  • Serving and ex-Serving members of the armed forces who feel a desire to assist the association in fulfilling its aims.

Note: No yearly membership fees apply