Terms of Reference
For the Issue of Medals and Medal Ribbons
To Military Working Dogs and non-ADF Service Dogs Definitions

  • Military Working Dog. This is a dog working in a military establishment.
  • Service Dog. This is a dog working in a government department, agency or commercial entity where its primary function is the protection of Federal and/or State laws.
  • Non ADF organisations are required to contribute to the cost of any Medals issued to their organisation or agency. The cost is $85 per Medal which includes engraving, packaging & delivery. This is effective from the 15th April 2022

Purpose of these Terms of Reference

  • These Terms of Reference (TOR) are issued to establish the criteria for the issue of medals and medal ribbons to Military Working Dogs (MWD), and service dogs working for non-ADF government departments and agencies. The medals and medal ribbons are issued under the auspices of the Australian Defence Force Trackers and War Dogs Association Inc (ADFTWDA).
  • These TOR are not absolute. They may be amended to suit the methods of operation of individual military units, government departments and agencies.