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Today I had to let my retired Army dog “Jeb” go. At 14 his body finally gave in to Cancer. Jeb was 14 and was recruited into the Army in 2002. To my knowledge he was the first dog to complete 10 full “human” years of working service to the Army. During that time he deployed to the Solomon Islands and Afghanistan twice.

Jeb was a true warrior who had multiple Operational finds. One that stands out to me personally was when he found a buried IED in the road we were searching together. The IED contained 20kg of homemade explosive. Jeb, as always was leading the patrol and was about 15m in front of me when he indicated to the IED location.

Mate, without you, I and several other people wouldn’t be standing here today. I was lucky to have had the pleasure of handling you and taking you home to the family when you retired. Several other boys have also had this priviledge and will be feeling the loss as strongly as I am. RIP buddy, your work is done!!

Phil Grazier

My eyes are your eyes,
To watch and protect yours.

My ears are your ears ,
To hear and detect evil minds in the dark. 

My nose is your nose,
To scent the invader of your domain.

And so you may live, my life is also yours.

Author Unknown