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Medal Project

An update on Medals for our Military Working Dogs. This project was put together by the ADFTWDA and is administered by the Association. No other Association or group has any input to this project and any claim to seek donations for the Medal program is completely dishonest.

The ADFTWDA first put a project together 2007 to have our Military Working Dogs recognised by the way of Medals for Service.

The ADFTWDA held the belief that MWD's are Canine Members of the Defence Force and in 2007 a project was established to have Military Working Dogs recognised in a similar fashion to Military personnel. The Defence Act does not recognise Medals for animals and many discussions were held between our Association and the various authorities before permission was finally granted for us to proceed with this project. In 2008 we began awarding Medals to Military Working Dogs.

Whilst the Medal program is recognised by the Australian Defence Force and Honours & Awards the ADFTWDA is required to fund these Medals with no Government assistance.

Two Medals are awarded.

The Canine Service Medal is awarded after 5 years service and the Operational Medal is awarded to those MWD's who have served our country in overseas military deployments.

Since the inception of the Medal program in 2008 there have been 479 Canine Service Medals awarded and 226 War Dog Operational Medals awarded to Australian Military Working Dogs.