Military Police

On patrol in East Timor

2014 winner of the Arthur Eather Memorial Award

MWD Demi with Medals

The Military Police dog Platoon is from very humble origins with 4 Army members marching out of the RAAF run Police Dog handler course at 7 SD, Toowoomba, on the 5th September 1977. The senior member CPL Fred Jones was promoted to SGT shortly after the completion of the course. SGT Fred Jones and his Police Dog Barron served as the Section Commander for several years.

The Platoon (Security Section) consisted of a 12 man and dog section with the sole task of providing after hours security for the Army Aviation Centre. These individuals came from a range of corps and remained badged with their original corps identity under the command of BASC Oakey, and all wore the powder blue beret of Aviation Corps. It wasn’t until 1994 that they came under command RACMP, attended the Military Police Basic Course and wore a red beret.

It wasn’t until 1999 where the tactical value of a military police dog was realised and pursued by CAPT Dave Bradley and two members were sent on the RAAF Police Dog Handler course at the Security and Fire School, Amberley. These handlers further developed the capability concentrating on Tracking and providing tactical Military Police Dog support to 1 Brigade unit.

Overseas Deployments:
East Timor: 2001 to 2009
Solomon Islands: 2003