It all began in early 1943 when RAAF heard that the Army had established a war dog reception and training depot at Plumpton, NSW. Soon after the Army closed down its school and the Air Force took over the animals that had been in training acquiring 91 dogs and 70 pups.Asset security was provided by these dogs which were placed loose inside warehouses and compounds, tied to aircraft or fixed to long lines, so they could run back and forth along a fence lines.It wasn’t until August 26, 1954, ten years later, that trained patrol dogs and K9 handlers were finally introduced into the RAAF; and that the RAAF Police Dog Training Centre was formed, at No. 1 Central Reserve, RAAF Albury, New South Wales.Today, the Royal Australian Air Force, is the largest single corporate user of military working dogs in Australia. Its MWD’s have an important role in the security of high-value RAAF assets at some 12 bases and establishments located across Australia. The RAAFs basic preparation and dog training course is four months, and is conducted at the Security (Dog Training) and Fire School, located in Amberley, Queensland. The School is also responsible for training all service dogs used by the RAAF.

Overseas Deployments:
Butterworth & Singapore
East Timor